Monday, April 28, 2014

Disappearing villages

On Sunday, I ran up one of the highest public housing estates, the Shatin Pass Estate (沙田坳邨) and the Tsz Wan Shan Estates (慈雲山邨). 

Along the way, in Kowloon City, I passed the remains of an old temple (上帝古廟).  Not much is known of the temple.  Except that it was dedicated to the Northern Emperor (北帝, 北極玄天上帝, 真武大帝).  But it could be related to one of the makeshift “palaces” of one of the last Sung Dynasty Emperors, on the run from the Mongolians.  

I went to have another look at Nga Tsin Wai Village (衙前圍村).  Some people are trying hard to keep it alive.  

But much of it has already been torn down.  Barring a miracle, the village will probably not survive. 

I was surprised to find another village near the Wong Tai Sin Temple, Chuk Yuen Village (竹園鄉). Unlike Nga Tsin Wai, the buildings do not seem to be very distinctive.  I doubt that it will survive much longer. 

All in all, it was an interesting run, letting me see some parts of Hong Kong not commonly seen.  Right next to Shatin Pass Estate is the popular Tse Wan Temple (慈雲閣). 

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