Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kindergarten War

Kindergarten E takes over the premises of kindergarten T by paying more rent for the space. T may be forced to close if it cannot find an alternate site before the next school year. E then offers to take over the students of T. 

E’s operator claims that it has done nothing wrong, Hong Kong being a free economy. E can offer more money, hence it feels entitled to force T to move out or close, and to take over the students. This can actually be a case study for illustrating how the “free market” works - and how cruel it can be.

Is this the kind of education we want for our children? That the rich can dictate the terms to those less so, that one can do anything to hurt others as long as one does not violate the law?   

I posit that people like that has no place in education.  Education is more than just a business.  We want our children to grow up to be responsible citizens who care about each other, not just money making machines who only look out for themselves.  We want people who have that vision to educate our children. 

Otherwise we do not deserve to survive as a community.  And we will not. 

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