Friday, October 31, 2014

Do people become stupid when they join the (HK) government?

The answer, apparently, is YES.  Otherwise how else can you explain some of the inane logic as exhibited by some of our government officials?

5 days ago, Mr. K, a high ranking government official, complained that the Occupiers violated the law, and yet demanded that the police enforce the law when reporters were attacked.  His logic seems to be: people who break the law do not deserve protection from the police.  Doesn’t he know that the police are supposed to protect even convicted criminals when they are attacked?  Are the Occupiers less deserving than convicted criminals.?

There is actually a certain logic behind his behaviour, and others like him in the pro-establishment camp.  Beijing has taken an unjust stand.  As a government official, he wants to show that he stands on Beijing’s side.  Hence he has to defend something that is unjust.  Hence he has to resort to illogic.  How else can you defend an unjust position?  

He is not that stupid after all.  He was just trying to please his master - to whom he has sold his soul.  I don’t know which is worse. 

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