Sunday, January 25, 2015

Marathon 2015

It was a hard race.  But I survived.  For the first 35 kilometres, I ran reasonably well.  I had to stop several times to stretch, because my ankles were hurting, and the legs were threatening to cramp.  Yet I kept running.  But I just couldn’t tackle the climb out of the West Harbour Tunnel and the subsequent climb up to the elevated highway.  After that, the ankles and the cramps got worse, and several times I tried to walk it off, and run again.  But I did finish the course, in a little over 5 hours. 

Along the way, there were people handing out stickers with umbrellas and demands for truly open elections.

There were people with matching socks. 

There was this man heavily costumed, but I wasn’t sure why.

There was this man with a flag of the Republic of China. 

There were these two cute little horses. And much more. 

Every year I seem to be losing a few steps.  Even though I tried to train better, I seem to be running slower, not faster.  During the last several kilometres, my legs and feet were screaming: abuse! Yet I keep coming back year after year.  I am not sure whether I am being persistent, foolhardy, hardheaded, or all of the above. 

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