Saturday, January 17, 2015

Persian hospitality

I had heard that Iranians are very friendly.  Now that I have experienced it first hand, I am totally convinced.  They are really the most hospitable people that I have met.  

This man in Kashan was part of a group of men cooking huge cauldrons of food to be given away as Islamic charity.  When I poked my head into the pot to see what was cooking, he offered me a plate of fruit.  I only took an apple because I was in a hurry.  The peels on the plate is evidence. 

This man was roasting something at Persepolis.  When I went to see what he was roasting, he offered me a chicken wing.  He wanted me to take more.  But I was in a hurry. 

This couple was smoking a water pipe near the Koran Gate in Shiraz.  They offered me a cup of tea. 

These people were buying bread in Shiraz.  The bread comes in very large pieces more than a foot long.  They have to break up the bread into smaller pieces to carry home.  The lady in the middle offered me a large chunk of the bread that she bought.  It was fresh and hot, straight out of the oven.  Really good. 

Never before had I experienced such hospitality in other countries. 

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Anonymous said...

Yes. The people are so friendly. Even those who struggled to speak English told us we were welcomed to their cities. Those who spoke English spoke very well (in American accent!), but since we were always in a hurry, we didn't get to talk longer.

I would like to go again to explore the place and culture on our own.