Friday, January 02, 2015

What failure?

Many pro-establishment types like to gloat - claiming that Occupy Central has failed.  That the pro-democracy protesters failed to pressure Beijing to change its stance on the election for the Chief Executive in 2017, to make it more open.  On that specific, narrow, score, the Occupiers had indeed failed to move Beijing.  

However, the Occupiers did demonstrate that HongKongers - particularly the young - are willing to go to great lengths to press for democracy and open elections. That HongKongers can remain calm and disciplined while showing great resolve in stating their demands.  That HongKongers are not afraid of tear gas grenades when they are sufficiently committed.  That HongKongers can be creative in stating their case.  That HongKongers now know much more about the political processes and civic disobedience.  

The world is amazed at the peaceful and disciplined way HongKongers march and protest.  On this broad, general score, Occupy Central is a resounding success.  


YTSL said...

Hear, hear. Another thing: the Umbrella Movement remains alive!

StephenC said...

Very much so.