Thursday, June 04, 2015

June 4 Candle Light Vigil

It has been 26 years.  

Yet we have not forgotten the massacre at Tiananmen Square on June 4 in 1989.  

And we shall never forget.  

We shall pray that it does not happen again.  


Anonymous said...

1. Tiananmen remembered... Good: Anti-corruption
2. ?Shanghai massacre ?Nanjing massacre? Jap invasion to try destroy the Chinese race...SIGH...All forgotten? Almost funny, that is memory can be so selective!
3. June 4, today, maybe we should also spare a thought, for Shanghai Massacre survivors, who went on to heal the Chinese nation? Thanks to them, China (therefore HK also) is now no longer an international laughing-stock!
4. Every Chinese person has paid a price for that long-sought Restoration: millions paid with their lives. Middle classes only paid the price of asset-loss: property, money etc. We kept our lives. Maybe we should also keep ALL our memories?

YTSL said...

I was out of town on June 4th for the first time in years, so was unable to be at Victoria Park that evening. Glad to see the vigil continuing, especially given some of the comments leading up to the anniversary. Thanks for being there.