Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Management of Schools in Kwun Tong

Some of the primary schools in Kwun Tong seem to be having difficulties attracting enough students.  There are at least 2 schools which only have enough students to have two primary 1 classes for 2015-16.  That means they probably have to release some of the teachers.  Or even worse, the school itself may have to be closed if this persists.  This is surprising since the number of children in that age group in Hong Kong seems to have stabilised, after falling for many years. 

At the same time, I heard that 2 new primary schools have opened in recent years.  Apparently, some officials in the Education Bureau had estimated that the population in that district require new schools to be built. Obviously the projection is wrong.  

Perhaps there was a hidden agenda?  Perhaps there was a hidden plan to force some schools to close?  That’s an even more scary thought.

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