Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rwandan Sorghum (高粱)

Sorghum is rare in Hong Kong.  We might have heard of it.  We might even have seen it in movies.  I know that you can make wine out of it.  But most of us would not recognise it when we see it.  

In Rwanda, however, it is everywhere.  The houses where we installed the solar panels were surrounded by sorghum.  

A young lady showed me how to rub dried sorghum between my hands to remove the shell, and to eat it raw.   

It tasted rather bland that way. But it is an important crop here, used to make porridge, bread, and beer.  

I did not expect that I would learn about sorghum in Rwanda.  I think I will think of sorghum in a much more favourable light from now on.  

Thank you, Rwanda. 

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