Monday, August 17, 2015

Service-Learning in Kyrgyzstan?

We are here in Kyrgyzstan to explore opportunities of service-learning.  Our initial contact is a charitable foundation operating a number of schools and a small university.  We started by visiting School of Blessing in Tokmok.  

It has ~250 students, from grade 1 to 11.  It seems to be quite well run.  The campus is spacious and well kept.  Most graduates attend university.  

Kemin Disable School is in the small town of Kemin, more than half an hour east of Tokmok.  It is also well run, with a small number of mildly handicapped children.  They learn handicrafts, wood work, cooking, etc.  

Kemin is at the eastern end of the valley to the north of Tian Shan (天山). This is the western part of the same Tian Shan that runs east-west in the middle of Xinjiang. 

In the next few days, we will visit other schools, and hopefully also meet with other organizations, before deciding what to do when we take the students here in summer 2016. 

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