Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Zhanjiang Seafood

Wandering in the old French Quarters of Zhanjiang, I was glad to stumble upon the seafood market.  

Baby sharks are available.  The small ones are about a foot and a half long, weight about 1 catty 斤 (500 gram) and sells for 100+ RMB.  The bigger ones are 200+ RMB.  I was told they can be steamed, or used to make soup.  I would rather keep them, than to eat them.  

I was surprised and saddened to see giant salamanders 娃娃魚 on sale.  They are actually amphibians, not fish.  And they live in fresh water streams, not the sea.  But they are here they are ready to be sold and eaten.  These are big, about 2 feet long, with small, beady eyes.  It is said they can grow up to 6 feet, so these are far from the biggest.  I am not interested in eating them.  I am also not interested in keeping them.  They are just not very good looking.

But I still would like to see them alive.  In the wild. 

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