Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Is the Virtual World more interesting than Real Life?

When I was walking through the canteen this morning, two young people caught my attention.  A young man and a young lady were sitting side by side, in front of a computer.  The young man was on the right, staring at the screen, intently.  On the screen, a man was face to face with a woman; perhaps it was a scene in a movie.  The young lady was not watching the screen.  She was reclining on the table, with her head on her left arm, staring at her friend sideways, forlornly. There is something unsettling about this picture. 

The scene reminds me of something I just read in Susan Greenfield’s “Mind Change”. That the “digital natives” nowadays are so such captured by the “two-dimensional world of only sight and sound”, that they are less and less interested/comfortable/involved in the three-dimensional world of real people.  There are more and more signs that she is right.  


YTSL said...

I get the feeling there may be many people in Hong Kong who disagree with me but I find real life generally significantly more interesting than the virtual world. I also know that I'm the tiny minority in Hong Kong who doesn't have a smartphone, a Facebook account, etc. And yet I already feel like I spend a lot of time online -- on my notebook computer surfing the net, emailing, checking out Youtube videos, working on my blog, etc.!

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I am also the tiny minority who doesn't use a smartphone, have no Facebook acct, etc. I also should not have spent so much time online reading news, emailing etc. Cheers to this our endangered species!