Monday, September 28, 2015

The Beginning of Occupy Central

A year ago today, this was what I posted:

“When my wife and I got to Central around 3 PM, someone was threatening to jump off a bridge over Harcourt Road.  Access to the Government Headquarters were blocked. But Harcourt Road was still open.  We then went around the corner to the junction of Cotton Tree Drive, Harcourt Rod, and Queensway.  

There a small group of people had sat down on Cotton Tree Drive going up to the Peak.  They were surrounded by police. 

Another group started to walk onto the part of Cotton Tree Drive linking Harcourt Road with Queensway.  Some started to sit down in the middle of the road.  Traffic were blocked. The small group on the uphill section moved to join the bigger group on the level.   

More and more people joined in, and soon the whole street was blocked. 

Then a banner was brought in, and people started marching towards Government Headquarters.  Traffic on Harcourt Road was blocked.”

My wife and I went home - we were afraid there might be confrontation.  Later that evening, the police fired tear gas at the people.  

We remember. And we do not give up.  

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