Friday, September 25, 2015

What to think of the police watchdog?

My expatriate friends think Hong Kong is great.  So those of you who complain about problems such as police brutality must have a bad attitude; you should reflect on how you can be more constructive. 

It is mildly amusing if anyone reasons with such faulty logic.  But if it comes from the mouth of the chairman of the police watchdog, it is truly disturbing.   The Hong Kong Police have earned quite a positive image over the years, due to the concerted efforts of the ICAC and the Police Force themselves.  But that image was greatly tarnished during Occupy Central last year.  Now the chairman of the Independent Police Complaints Council is demonstrating to us that the watchdog cannot be trusted to do its job rationally and impartially.  

First of all, he didn’t seem to have surveyed expatriates in Hong Kong systematically or widely.  Secondly, expatriates generally enjoy privileges unavailable to most of us.  They certainly are not suitable as a benchmark.  If the chairman of the watchdog exhibits such faulty reasoning, how can one trust in the council’s judgements?  And what about the people who appointed him?  It does not bode well for the rest of us.  

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