Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cha Gwo Ling (茶果嶺)

When I ran from Hung Hom to Loha’s Park (日出康城) in the eastern end of Kowloon last Saturday, I discovered Cha Gwo Ling.   

Officially Loha’s Park sits on reclaimed land, not a landfill (of garbage).   But it is very close to an operational landfill, visible in the photograph to the right of the estate.  

Presumably Cha Gwo Ling was so named because there were trees whose leaves were used to make Cha Gwo (茶果).  I knew there was such a place, but I have never been there.  I did not even know exactly where it was.  And I often confused it with Tiu Keng Ling (調景嶺, 吊頸嶺).  Cha Guo Ling turned out to be just beyond Kwun Tong (觀塘), on the waterfront.  There are some old-looking small houses and pretty big trees. 

There is a eatery which could be somewhat interesting. 

There is a fairly impressive village office compound.

There is a Queen of Heaven Temple (天后廟).  

The Queen of Heaven (天后) was actually a fairly junior goddess who was considered a protector of fishermen.  I suppose that was because the village used to house a lot of fishermen.  But there is little evidence of that nowadays.  

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