Thursday, November 05, 2015

Service-Learning 2015

In 2014-15, ~3,000 students in our university have taken a 3-credit subject in service-learning.  Each of them went through lectures, workshops, eLearning, …, to prepare for the service.  Each of them did at least 40 hours of service, and seriously reflected on their experience, to learn from it.  Each has learned, first hand, about the needs of the community, and how they can apply what they learned in university to serve the needy.  In the process, they learned more about themselves and how to be a responsible citizen.  

Three-quarters of them served in Hong Kong.  About one-quarter served in Mainland China or overseas.  About 140 served in Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar or Rwanda.  

There is a photo exhibition on campus on what they have done.  

Some have taught English. Some built solar panels to charge batteries. Some wired houses for LED lighting. Some inspected eyes.  Some designed fashion for people recovering from mental illness.  Some taught secondary school students to build robots.  Some taught young people to write smart phone applications.  Some did health checks for the elderly.  Some helped the handicapped to rehabilitate.  Some helped slum dwellers to eat healthier.  And a lot more.  

Come to see them for yourself. 

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