Friday, November 13, 2015

Treasures on Ap Liu Street ()

There are lots of treasures on Ap Liu Street.  “Auto-focus” glasses for the elderly. Incredibly cheap.  

“Authentic” palm-size fans.  

The widest range of well-designed knives and multi-tools.  

There are also SIM cards galore.

Where else can you find someone to fix your remote control?

Strong magnets of all shapes and sizes.  You really have to be careful around these things.

Where else?

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YTSL said...

Ap Liu Street used to be where I could get old school cassette recorders. Sadly though, these seem to no longer be available! On the other hand, portable radios still are readily available. I guess these remain popular with senior citizens, including those who hike alone and want some music while they do so! ;)