Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Great Day

Yesterday morning, my daughter and I ran in a 10 kilometre fund raising race.  She has not run a 10 km before and was concerned whether she could finish.  When we arrived at the finishing line with a very decent time, we were both very happy.   I could have run a little faster, but I enjoyed running together with her much more. 

In the afternoon, our Service-Learning subject was in session.  We actually had 5 classes running in parallel yesterday.  In one class, two of the Rwanda Teams (Maryland and Penn)  learned to set up computer networks.   In another, one Rwanda team (solar micro station) tested designs for the micro station.   In the third, the Cambodia team learned to set up the Raspberry Pi micro-computer.  In the forth, the Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan teams designed the case for the Raspberry Pi micro-computer.  In the fifth, the Hong Kong team learned about designing games for the handicapped.  They are getting ready for the projects in summer.  I am retiring from the university, and not supposed to be teaching anymore.  But I signed on to stay for two more years, concentrating on Service-Learning.  Hence I am still teaching, but only Service-Learning, which I enjoy tremendously. 

In the evening, I gave a talk at the Book Club at our church, on “Radical Islam and Christianity”. This is also something I enjoy very much - discussing how faith relates to our lives and the world.  The group was larger than usual, with 50+ people.  Towards the end of the talk, when I was answering a question, the lights in the hall started going off.  Soon it was almost completely dark.  While I was wondering what was happening,  my daughter rolled in a cake, with candles blazing, from a side door.  It turned out my wife conspired with our pastor and several people to give me a birthday party.  I was completely in the dark and really surprised.  

Throughout the day I had been receiving birthday wishes through WhatsApp, Facebook, and other means, from a whole bunch of people.  I feel really blessed with my great wife, our three daughters, church, friends, colleagues, students, and collaborators.  I am supposed to be retiring, to “enjoy life”.  But I am enjoying my work at the university, at church, in Cambodia, Rwanda, Myanmar, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, and so many other places.  I don’t want to stop, if God is willing.  

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