Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lee Po Magic Mirror (照妖鏡)

The inexplicable case of Lee Po (李波) has become a magic mirror.  He, one of the 5 persons associated with Causeway Bay Books (銅鑼灣書店) who disappeared from Hong Kong under mysterious circumstances.  He later re-appeared in Mainland China.  It is established that he did not travel to China through the normal, official channels.  He had published many books banned by Beijing, and personally expressed fear for his safety should he travel to China.  It is widely believed that he was transferred to China  involuntarily and illegally.  Without the furore caused by his disappearance, we probably would not have known where he is now.  

As it is, he re-appeared in China, and has now come back to Hong Kong, at least temporarily.  He has said that he travelled to China voluntarily.  However, many people do not believe it.  Many believe that he is under some kind of threat, and is afraid to speak the truth about his transfer to China. 

Some people, mostly pro-establishment ones apparently, say there is no reason to believe he was transferred to China reluctantly - since he has re-appeared to say he went voluntarily.  

Based on his publication of banned books and his past statements about fear of travelling to Mainland China, it is illogical to believe he would travel to China voluntarily and illegally.  It would appear that these pro-establishment types are making such nonsensible statements because of their pro-establishment position.  

Lee Po has become a Magic Mirror.  One can tell who is pro-establishment by the statements they make about Lee Po.  It is also sad commentary on us human beings when some many people are afraid to speak honestly for political reasons.  

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