Sunday, July 03, 2016

Pak Nai (白泥)

Many people drive to Pak Nai on Deep Bay to see the village life, the fish ponds and to watch the sunset.  I prefer to run. 

The route is essentially flat, and runs along Deep Bay (后海灣) for much of the route.  

The many container depots and construction companies are eyesores.  But there are enough pleasing sights to compensate for that.  

Reflections from the puddles left by the rain.    Houses on the fish pond.   Raging streams pregnant with muddy rain water. 

I stopped to take photos of the mud flats, oyster fields, and the Shenzhen Bay Bridge (深圳灣公路大橋).   They continue to produce very big, fat oysters here.  But i am not convinced that I should eat them. 

When I heard a dog barking in the distance, I did not pay it much attention.  After all, I was standing on the side walk on a public road, and there are no houses on my side of the road.  In fact, there was nothing but mud flats between me and the water.  But the barking seemed to be getting closer, and I had gotten the photo I wanted, so I started running again.   The barking seemed even closer, so I turned to look - the dog was just meters away, and it was black, slim and fierce-looking, possibly a Doberman.   At that point, I saw 2 cyclists stopped about 10 meters ahead of me.  They asked me what the dog was doing and commented that it seemed intended on biting my feet.  At the point, the dog seems to have stopped.  I continued.

I am glad that I was not hurt.  But I am also angry that the owner allowed the dog to attack someone on the public road, nowhere near any house.  Some people who live in the New Territories seem to think that the law does not apply to them.

That spoiled my run.  Upon reaching Ha Pak Nai (下白泥), I decided to take the minibus instead of running back along the same route.  

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