Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Works, Manchester

The Works is a project by University of Manchester to match workers with jobs.  Workers looking for jobs register with The Works.  University of Manchester posts its jobs with The Works.  Applicants who need certain skills required for the jobs are then given the appropriate training to help them qualify for the jobs.  Some times applicants work as volunteers at the organization to acquire job experience and build up confidence, to prepare for real jobs.  In the three years since its opening The Works has helped thousands of people find jobs.  A senior human resource manager at University of Manchester manage The Works.   When he spoke of the benefits to the unemployed, the community, the society, …, he spoke with passion, more like a social worker or government official rather than an administrator.  

The benefit for the university?  Better relationships with the community, better reputation in general, better recruitment of students, … - for a modest investment of resources.   It sounds like something that applies to any large employer. Why aren’t more universities doing this? Why aren’t more employers doing this?

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