Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Cats of Greece

Greece is a cats’ heaven.  They are just everywhere.  At the island of Mykonos, where people go to take photos of the windmills, white churches and little houses, …, we sat down at a seaside restaurant to watch the sunset over dinner.  While we were tucking into a delicious grilled blue fin tuna steak, there was this little kitten that begged for food under our table.  But when my friend gave her some food from his plate, she didn’t want it.  This lovely kitten has lots of character. 

At Santorini, the island famous for little white houses, where people go to take wedding pictures, there was this lazy cat oblivious to the throng of humanity squeezing by her to get to the scenic spots. 

At St John’s Monastery on the island of Patmos, where Apostle John was believed to have written the Book of Revelations, there was another lazy cat, catching the late afternoon sun.  

In Athens, we had dinner in the shadows of the Acropolis.  Outside the restaurant, some one laid out a feast for a dozen cats.  We encounter this same scene again and again all over Greece. 

In the Archeological Museum in Athens, there was this head of a lion made of gold, which is also a cat.  It is more than two thousand years old. 

At Ephesus, actually in Turkey but close to Patmos, someone laid out water in a dish for another gang of cats. 

On the side of the ancient road leading to the famous library of Ephesus, a cat was perched on the top of a broken column. 

Perhaps she is an archeologist guarding the ruins?

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