Monday, November 07, 2016

Discordant Beijing

Over the weekend, I attended a conference on University Social Responsibility in Beijing, a part of the Beijing Forum.  In the 4 days, I barely ventured beyond the hotel and the conference sites. Yet I still managed to encounter disturbingly jarring and incongruous experiences. 

I arrived at an airport which is very modern and reminds me of the Hong Kong airport.  

Yet 2 days later, the infamous smog caused numerous flights to be delayed, and people stranded.  

On the road to the hotel, I passed by a van that belongs to the law courts.  China has all the trappings of law and order.  Yet, as the on-going saga of the swearing-in at the Legislature in Hong Kong and the fresh “interpretation” of the law illustrate so vividly, the law is no more than an instrument of the Party. 

At the prestigious Beijing Forum, politicians, scholars, business leaders, and more discussed civilization, prosperity, social responsibility and more.  

In the mean time, messages pop up on our smartphones touting "services" by beautiful ladies, “legitimate” receipts, and more. 

What kind of country is China?

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