Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Excellent Beef noodles

My wife and I went looking for a legendary beef noodle shop in Taipei in the rain - it was highly recommended to us.  On the way we saw a crowd milling around in front of a book shop.  We could not help but marvelled at the strong reading culture of Taiwan.  

Upon closer inspection, we realised that the crowd was actually waiting to enter the eatery next-door.  It was not actually our destination.  So we pressed on with our quest for the perfect beef noodle.  

When we finally got there, we were not disappointed.  We ordered one big bowl to share, because we wanted to try some steamed ribs as well.  

After taking our almost half of the contents from the bowl, there were still enough left to fill one stomach.  The beef were tender, flavourful and plentiful.  The noodles were just right.  The soup was clear, tasted of beef, and did not make us thirsty afterwards.  Perhaps the best we have tasted for quite a while. 

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