Saturday, November 26, 2016

Maokong (猫空)

Does "Maokong" mean civet cat in the sky?  Or it is simply the sound of the words describing the pothole formations in the area?  

I couldn’t quite figure out.  But the gondola ride was very pleasant and gave us really nice views, even though it was raining lightly.  

Through the see-through glass bottom of the gondola, we could see how we glided over the tree tops, bamboos, …, as well as tea farms.  

Taipei 101 was visible from about 6 kilometres away.

There are many tea houses and restaurants with tea-themed cuisine.  We had some tasty bamboo shoots and deep-fried tea leaves dipped in batter. 

Later we found some bamboo shoots coming out of the ground, and wondered whether those were the same as the ones we ate.  

Maokong is a pleasant place to take a break from the city.

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