Sunday, February 19, 2017


From Malta, we flew to Cyprus, in reverse to Paul’s journal to Rome.  According to the Acts of the Apostles, Paul’s ship was forced to pass by the east and then north of Cyprus, before going onto Crete, and shipwrecking on Malta.  We stayed in the south and didn’t venture into the north, which is politically sensitive.  

On Cyprus, we were taken to a place near Paphos where Greek legend says Aphrodite (Venus in Roman legend) was born.  Some say it is specifically the second rock.  The view is just beautiful.  

There are cats everywhere.  At the fort on the harbour on Paphos, there was a cat that seems to own a castle.  

A pair of pigeons also behaves as if they own the place.  The cat and the pigeons don't seem to bother with each other.  

Our room at the hotel near Limassol had a fantastic view looking out towards the Mediterranean Sea. One morning I went out for a run along the seaside.  It was sunny and cool, and the temperature was just perfect.  But i heard that it can be very hot in summer. 

Cyprus seems to be a modern country like Malta, with similar weather.  But it has much more open space and countryside.  Very liveable. 

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