Tuesday, February 28, 2017

一念無明 (Mad World)

Yesterday I attended a special pre-release showing of an unusual movie.  It is a movie centred around a man with a mental illness, more specifically, bi-polar disorder. His father left home, his brother went to the USA, and he was left under tremendous pressure having to take care of his mother with chronic illness all by himself.  His mother died in a confrontation.  He was exonerated by the court but was sent to a mental hospital.  When he got out, his father tried his best to take care of him.  Together, they went through a lot of difficulties.  

The special show was arranged by someone in the Education Department.  In attendance were many teachers, headmasters, social workers, and at least one psychiatrist.  Both the director and the screen writer are graduates of the School of Creative Media at City University.  The movie has won a number of awards and is scheduled for commercial release shortly.  

Many attendees agreed that the movie portrays mental patients and their experiences realistically.  Many praised the effort of the team in making the tremendous effort in understanding the problem and in making the movie.  Many voiced the hope that the movie will help to educate the public about sufferers of mental illnesses, their struggles, the prejudice and discrimination that they face, and how people can at least avoid causing further suffering.  

There are two aspects of the movie, however, that are unfortunate.  One is the portrayal of a psychiatrist as being insensitive and mechanical.  The other is the portrayal of a church as lacking in understanding and also being sensitive - to the extend of causing serious damage - even if it is unintended.  This unfair portrayal of these two communities is perhaps un-intended but have the potential of offending the two communities that can, and are actually very supportive of mental patients.  

The movie is quite intense and at times difficult to watch.  Despite the two unfortunate portrayals, I would still recommend the movie.  

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sibyl wong said...

looking forward to watch this movie, and will see how i perceive your last comments.