Sunday, February 05, 2017


From Capri, we took a ferry back to Napoli.  From Napoli, we cross over to Palermo in famed Sicily overnight in a small cruise boat.  There I found that the local people like to represent Sicily with a snake-haired Medusa with 3 legs, symbolising the triangular shape of Sicily.  

The cathedral at Monreale is much more impressive inside than outside.  It is decorated with glass mosaic covering practically every inch of the inside walls.  Set in a huge half dome is a huge portrait of Jesus.  It is said that his hand is a meter long.  Or it is his finger?  It was said that after making all the mosaic, the builders ran out of money, hence they didn’t make a vaulted ceiling.  Not sure though whether that is true.  

Outside in the square, a dog suns himself lazily, while old men chatted on benches. That’s the image I had of Sicily before I came.  Another image in mind was big men dressed in impeccable white shirts and black suits.  I actually saw some men that fitted this image perfectly; but I was afraid they might not like their picture taken - hence no photos. 

Nearby, a big black dog shakes hands with a young lady.  She was obviously enjoying it.  

At a nearby renovated building, my wife and I chanced upon an exhibition of St. Francis of Assisi in movies.  I have no ideas that so many films have been made about him.  He is certainly popular, not just in Italy, but also around the world.  

Then there was this big swordfish at a seafood vendor.

My favourite image at Palermo, however, was that of a bunch of wide-eyed kids.  

They are just lovely.  

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