Tuesday, December 12, 2017


IIE is Institute of International Education.  Last evening IIE held a reception at the USA Consul General’s Residence in Hong Kong to celebrate 50 years of IIE presence in Hong Kong.  In 1975 I received a Direct Placement Scholarship through IIE.  It covered  my tuition for 4 years of undergraduate studies at the University of Rochester in New York State.  

Without it I would not have been able to study in the USA. Given the financial situation of my family, I could not even afford to attend university in Hong Kong, even though my grades were good enough.   With the bachelor’s degree from Rochester, I went on to a master’s at University of Wisconsin at Madison, and returned to Rochester for my PhD.  I am eternally grateful to IIE for giving me my chance for a quality education.  And in Rochester I met my wife …, who also received a Direct Placement Scholarship through IIE. 

Last evening I had a chance to thank Dr. Alan Goodman, current president of IIE, in person.  They really have done a lot of good and deserve an applause, and more.  

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