Thursday, December 14, 2017

University of Macao

Our university if holding a management workshop at a hotel in Macao.  Looking south west from the hotel, one can see the western part of Macau and across a narrow channel of water, Hengqin (横琴), a part of Mainland China.  

A bridge links Macao to Hengqin.  Just beyond the bridge, located in Hengqin, is the new campus of the University of Macao.  A tunnel links the campus to Macao.  The campus is under the jurisdiction of Macao.  A wall surrounds the campus on Hengqin, patrolled by the People’s Liberation Army of China. One cannot cross from the campus to other parts of Hengqin, and vice versa.  

For all practical purposes, the University of Macao is part of Macao, yet it is physically located in China.  It is a surreal type of existence when one thinks of it.  

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