Saturday, December 09, 2017

Plover Cove Reservoir (船灣淡水湖) Hike

A bunch of us from ATS class of 1973 hike semi-regularly.  Today we hiked the hills north of Plover Cove Reservoir.   The views were awesome even though it was a bit hazy.  

We started from Wu Kam Tang (烏蛟騰). Along the way, we could see almost the entire reservoir.  It was, of course, formerly a cove (bay).  It was dammed up in the 1960s.  The salty sea water was drained and then it was used to store up the fresh rain water collected from the mountains surrounding it.  

Rising above it to the north is Pat Sin Leng (八仙嶺). In 1996, some students were climbing up the steep slope from the south, from the shores of the cove, when they encountered a wild fire, and several of the perished.  

Along the way, we found some of the berries that we used to eat when we went hiking while we were still at ATS.  Unfortunately, it is already winter and they are all dried up.  

The route is quite tough, running up and down steep slopes with loose pebbles.  It is not life-threatening but you can get hurt if you slip on the sand or pebbles.  

We were rewarded with much memories from the old days.  Such as these “Big Headed Tea” flowers (polyspora axillaris 大頭茶).  They produce a fruit that looks like a big olive, that we called  山欖

There were these leaves which have been eaten by caterpillars into skeletons, which would make nice bookmarks.  

Some trees have turned red.  They were not maple, but nevertheless very pretty.  

When we returned to Wu Kam Tang, we found some very nice-looking roselle (洛神花).  You can make tea, jam and a lot other foods with the red fruit.  

There were lots of bamboo all over the place.  One particular reflection from a small pool made a very nice criss-crossing pattern.  

All in all, it was a very relaxing hike. And a very timely break from my very hectic week.  

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