Sunday, June 03, 2018

Cambodia, Here we come, again!

We are back at Thmor Da, our favourite restaurant in Phnom Penh - judging by how many times do we come here. As usual, we come here straight from the airport, before even going to the hotel.  And we come for 2 things:  baguette with sausages and pickles, and Phnom Penh noodles.  This is comfort food for us.  

We are in Cambodia, of course, for service-learning.  Arriving today, there is a team from PolyU and a team from U of Maryland.  Together we are going to build a community learning centre out of a used cargo container. There is another team of journalists, composed of students from PolyU and Brown U, who will document the projects here and a couple other countries.  

Yesterday, a team led by electrical engineers has already arrived from PolyU, who will be building a micro-power grid using solar panels.  Before that, a team of students only had arrived and gone, having installed solar panels for a very small village school run by a brother and sister team of volunteers.  

A team led by nursing instructors will arrive to do health promotion.  A team led by English instructors will teach English at a primary school at the old garbage dump.  A team led by General Education instructors will work in a village.  A team led by building service teachers will be doing a water filtration project.  A team of staff from PolyU, Baptist  U and Peking U will arrive soon to take a staff development course from us.  

We will be joined by 100 students from the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Human Resource Development Institute (a local community college) and some other organizations.  Together ~250 people are working together in our Summer School on Service-Learning and Leadership Development.  Most of them are here for the first time. We are going to enjoy working and learning together, while doing something useful and meaningful for the community.  

Join us next time if you wish. You will surely remember it for the rest of your life. 

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