Saturday, June 09, 2018

Ohneanghing Community Learning Centre - House 2

We are back in Kampong Speu province, Cambodia, to continue the work on the Community Learning Centre at Ohneanghing.  Last year, 2017, we built a house for the Community Learning Centre out of a used cargo container., to the right of the primary school house at Ohneanghing.  This year we are constructing another house out of a “mobile house” constructed like a cargo container, and placed it to the right of House 1 that was built in 2017. 

When we arrived at the site yesterday afternoon, the village folks have already contracted a concrete platform for house 2.  The mobile house that we bought was delivered and set on the platform yesterday morning, just in time for our arrival.  For house 1, we had installed a water collection system, a solar panel electrical power generation systems, lights, fans, books and computers. 

This year, for house 2, we plan to to install another solar panel system for electricity, purpose-designed educational furniture, computers and educational applications.  We also plan to construct a playground in front of the 2 houses.  While our students are 
painting house 2, making the furniture, and doing other preparations, the playground is being built.  Firstly, the boundaries of the playground are laid out.  

We bought stones and sand and cement, and the villagers, including the kids, helped us construct the platform for the playgound.  Big stones are laid down as the base. 

Sand is filled in.  

Cement is then poured. 

More cement is being applied to make a level platform. 

In the mean time, our students are painting the insides and outsides of House 2. 

The local kids are enthusiastically helping us sand down wooden planks to make specially-designed tables for the classroom in House 2.  They are helping to create their own classroom and playground.  

Based on what we have seen, a playground is a rarity in Cambodian primary schools.  We  hope the kids enjoy it.  They certainly enjoy helping to build it.  It is gratifying to see so many people from such diverse background working together to make it happen, and to see it coming together.  I hope to be able to report further progress in the coming days. 

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