Tuesday, June 05, 2018

June 4 Candlelight Vigil

It is June 4 again.  Again a candlelight vigil is held in Victoria Park in Hong Kong.  Unfortunately, I could not attend as I am in Cambodia at the moment.  Many people in the establishment camp are saying that we should move forward, that the country has developed further since then, etc., as excuses for not attending the vigil, for not taking a stand to demand a re-classification of the June 4 massacre.  Some are even saying that it never happened, despite all the evidence and the numerous witnesses.  

It is precisely because of the people denying the reality of the massacre or trying to forget that it happened that we should remember it.  I feel bad that I cannot be there this evening.  But I vow to be there in spirit and to do my best to remember it.  God is just and will one day vindicate those who made the sacrifice.  

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