Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Freebie Snatchers

What were these women doing? They were waiting for the right moment to sneak in and grab as many of the freebie newspapers distributed at this fast food joint as possible.

I heard that recycled newspapers can fetch as much as one pack of instant noodles for every 5 kilograms.

Why are they all old women? Perhaps they are the only ones wth the time and patience? And the thick skin to withstand the stares, ridicules, and even occasional curses?


The Cat said...

Maybe they are the only ones who are desperate enough to do that?

StephenC said...

May be. I heard that some of them can also be found waiting outside supermarkets to take coupons and other goodies from customers who don't care about such items.

And the size of this group is not small. If you adding up the numbers across Hong Kong, you will have a small army. It is a business by itself.

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