Thursday, December 20, 2007

Inside and Outside an Examination Hall

It is a sunny day in late autumn, as perfect as it ever gets in Hong Kong. A great day to be outdoors playing soccer or basketball, running, hiking, fishing, etc. Indoors, however, it is all serious business. University students are taking their examinations. They (most of them anyway) are totally concentrated, willing to make the sacrifice now, in exchange for the delayed reward. That’s the kind of discipline, part of so called emotional or multiple intelligence, required to be successful in life.

Sadly, many of them cannot make it last long enough. Over one full semester, for example. Given one week to complete an assignment, many will not start on it until the last day. Given a month for an assignment, many will also not start on it until the last three days. Given two months for a term project, incredibly, many will still not start on it until the last week.

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