Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Starting work on Christmas Evening

I was jogging near the Hung Hom Ferry just now, around 7PM, when I was stopped by a young man. It was dark and the street was quiet. But he was wearing normal work clothes and carrying a shoulder bag. In other words, he did not look threatening, so I wasn’t scared.

He asked about a Yuk Tat Street. I vaguely remember the name, and that it was in To Kwa Wan, but I wasn’t so sure. Then he told me he was starting a new job, and showed me the address. It confirmed that he was looking for an industrial building in To Kwa Wan. Then I pointed him in the general direction.

Imagine having to start a new job on Christmas Day, when most people are out enjoying themselves. He had an open, sincere face. He was polite, and sounded earnest. I prayed to God for him as I continue my jogging.

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