Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Racy Internet Photos

This is the hottest topic in Hong Kong and overseas Chinese communities at the moment, occupying front pages for many days in newspapers, countless hours of airwaves, and pages and pages of forums and chat-rooms.

Discussions have revolved around questions such as: Are the photos real? Who posted them on the Internet? How were the photos obtained? Who took the pictures in the first place? Is it a violation of the law to download them? To keep them? To send them to friends? Is the police being selective/too harsh in law enforcement? Will someone get sued for damages? Will someone lose jobs or contracts? ...

It is a very useful object lesson on privacy and the use of the Internet, in terms of both etiquette and legality. It is increasing tremendously public awareness and knowledge on these important issues. It can only help the Hong Kong community to become more mature as Web citizens. In this sense it is very useful.

But there is one issue that have not been discussed as much as it deserves, in my opinion. What does it say about the morals (or the lack of it) of the young people of Hong Kong? Is it true that anything is OK between consenting adults behind closed doors? Is there really no right and wrong and proper behaviour? Do people not need to take responsibility for their conduct? If those photos were not posted on the Internet, then it was OK?


Gilbert said...

"只要大家想清楚/同意/是成年人, 性行為沒有問題."

一句"大家都係成年人", 甚麼都變得好合理.


StephenC said...

That's certainly what a lot of people use to justify their (own) behaviour.

Most people in fact do not accept it, as is evident in the response to the photos. Particularly if their actual behaviour do not match what they say or the image they try to project in public.

Anonymous said...

ICor 13:4-7 tells us what love is, and ICor 6:12-20 and 7:1-5 talks about sexual immorality and marriage. According to the Bible, sex is only permissible between husband and wife.

The irony of this "racy internet photos" incident in which "people get hurt, youths are disillusioned, morals are degraded..." is that deep inside everybody, there's a set of morals that scream or whisper that sex outside marriage is simply wrong. But I haven't read any editorials of any major newspapers that dare say so. Maybe biblical teachings are outdated? To me, what works can't be outdated. Cheers to God's wisdom!

StephenC said...

It is a consequence of people refusing to acknowledge God. Without God, no one can set the standard, hence anything goes.

People deceive themselves when they claim that certain actions do not hurt anyone. Immorality hurt the people who commit it the most. But by the time they realize it, it is too late.

Moral people will not like immoral people. Even immoral people do not treasure the affection of immoral people. It is as simple as that.