Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Racy Photos - Warped Values

One of the main characters in the recent racy photo scandal appeared in public for the first time yesterday since the scandal - and today most Hong Kong newspapers put her in the front page. Even in the major English newspaper, which tends to put less emphasis on such matters, used 90% of the first page of the City section to cover the story.

In contrast, in a 2 inches by 2.5 inches column in a corner in the bottom of the same page, it covered the story of an abandoned baby. Which story is more tragic? Which demands our concern and action more? Racy photos of celebrities (should we even be surprised that they do such things)? Or a human being dumped near a rubbish bin immediately after birth - with umbilical cord attached? Who are his parents? What made them do such a terrible thing? How do they feel? What can be done to help?

What does it tell us about the values of our community?

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