Thursday, February 21, 2008

Racy Photos and Morals

Many people discussing the racy photos saga seem to accept that what consenting adults do behind closed doors (the sex, the taking of such photos) is none of other people’s business. Only the stealing of such photos and their posting on the Internet were to be condemned. I do not agree. Something that does not violate any laws may still be immoral.

First of all, pretending to be one thing (pure and innocent) but doing the opposite in secret is certainly hypocritical and immoral.

Secondly, humans want to love and be loved. And true love can only survive and prosper in long term, stable, one to one relationships with strong commitments. Promiscuous behaviour is based on lust, not love. No one in love will want his or her lover to be promiscuous.

So, even if the racy photos never got on to the Internet, such promiscuous behaviour is still to be condemned. If that means I am old fashioned and not being open minded, so be it.

Finally, I wish to be clear that it is the behaviour that should be condemned, not the person. None of us is without sin. So if a person confesses of such behaviour and promises not to do it again, he or she should be commended.


Anonymous said...

"if a person confesses of such behaviour and promises not to do it again"

That would be more easily said than done. Like all addictions, sexual addiction is a very deep-seated problem which is not easily overcome. Some would actually argue that this is never really overcome, not on this side of heaven.

"Shackles of sin" is a good metaphor. It is perhaps only by power of the Holy Spirit that such sins can be conquered.

StephenC said...

Agreed. Of course, we dare not ask for complete eradication of wrongs. Just the acknowledgment of wrong doing and the will to correct them.