Monday, August 18, 2008

Back at Jubilee School in Gansu

We are back at the Jubilee Primary School at Chankou town, DingXi city, Gansu province. This time they have expanded to 50 orphans, from the 20 in January. Our visiting team consists of 3 professors, 13 students, and one missionary.

The technical sub-team has to move the computer laboratory to a bigger room, install hardware and software to make the computers more resistant to viruses, and improve the network.

The teacher-training sub-team is teaching the teachers basic computer skills, to prepare teaching material, and to search for information on the Internet.

The student-summer-camp sub-team is teaching the students to make a video documentary on themselves, arts and crafts, and various games.

It is 10 PM and we are still working. Everybody is tired but we are in high spirits. The computer network is coming along, and the kids are responding very warmly to us.

I am hearing more and more sad stories that break your heart. One 14 year old new comer girl is in primary 4. She has two brothers at Jubilee School, one of which is handicapped and the other has an eye problem; and she has 4 more siblings back home. It turned out that her grandparents are not her biological grandparents; they “picked” her up when she was orphaned as a baby. She does not even know what her original name was. Over the years her “grandparents” have picked up 40+ orphans, most of whom have either died, or been adopted by others. There are now only seven of them left ...

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田园树 said...

You experienced a China unknown.Most people in China are still live in poverty. About 900000000 live in country. They are so-called second-class citizen in China.

By the way,I am using Avira,it's free,do you think it's good?