Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hong Kong at night

After spending two weeks in California, our family flew back to Hong Kong last evening. The plane flew into Hong Kong from the North-East, banked to the right around the Victoria Harbour, skirted the south side of Hong Kong Island, went way out the West of Lantou, and finally landed at the airport from the West.

The night view of Hong Kong from the air was truly breath-taking. We could see practically the whole North shore of Hong Kong Island in this view, stretching from ShengWan in the West to NorthPoint in the East. On the Kowloon side, we could see the container terminals at KwaiChung in the West, down to TsimShaTsui and Nathan Road in the middle. all the way up to KwunTong to the East. In the North-East was Shatin. The sky was unusually clear, there were no clouds, and the lights were so bright. It is a real man-made wonder.

I hope you enjoy the view as much as we did.

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