Thursday, August 21, 2008

Laying an optical fibre cable in Jubilee School

Today we pulled an optical fibre cable from the school building to the dormitory, to extend the coverage of the local area network. To do that, we had to tie the cable to a draw wire, pull the cable from the network box through a conduit to a well just outside the dormitory, tie the cable to a second draw wire, pull it through to a well between the buildings to the left of the photo, ..., pull it through to a well across the foot path in the middle, ..., pull it through to the well just outside the school building (when I was), ..., pull it into the building and eventually up to the server room.

It was a bit of dirty work - the wells had some dirt in them, they were wet because it rained the day before, and some of the draw wires were rusted. It was not dangerous as the wells were rather shallow. But it was exciting as we all did it for the first time. There was a great sense of achievement after we got the cable through, and particularly when the team setup the transceivers and got on the Internet from the dormitory!


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田园树 said...

it is really a hard work.

you just go to there to teach computer? did you do other things?

StephenC said...

Yes. Please see my next post.