Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gansu badlands

The plane flew over some desolate landscape as we approached Lanzhou. There were miles and miles of rugged mountains, with barely any vegetation. There were very little level ground, even along the rivers. Everything were shades of yellow, even the rivers. This land is really not meant for human habitation. For some reason, people have decided to live here, and they have been struggling with nature even since. It is far from clear that men are winning.


田园树 said...

Gansu is dry all the year. But rain poours down in July. The rain wash the earth away,so it form the landscape like this.

StephenC said...

Yes. The government has been trying to remedy the situation, including terracing the slopes and planting a lot of trees. But I was told many of the trees die because there is so little rain.