Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Full Moon

The sky was surprisingly clear in the evening of the Mid Autumn Festival. But by the time I found the moon, it was already high in the sky. However, it did remind me of some photographs I took about two months ago, also on a full moon.

The first photo was of the setting sun at Camp Pendleton near San Diego in Southern California in late July. The sun was setting behind some palm trees near the beach, while we were having a barbecue. It was quite hot when we played beach volleyball under the sun earlier during the day. But by the time the sun was setting, it was cool enough to warrant wearing a wind-breaker.

The second photo was of the rising moon at Shell Beach (near Pismo Beach) half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco just a few days earlier. We were coming back from a walk on the beach, when we found the orange-red moon rising above the horizon.

In the man-made concrete jungle of Hong Kong, it is easy to forget that such sights even exist. But on the Pacific Coast of California (as well as many other places on earth), you see such beautiful views of God’s creation every day. It does help to remind us of what we are doing here on earth. When we are face to face with God’s creation, and hence God Himself, there is nowhere to hide, and nothing else to distract us. We are compelled to ask ourselves, “What am I doing here?”

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