Friday, September 05, 2008

Simple Pleasures

One morning at Jubilee, I bumped into this little bee nibbling at a small flower no more than an inch across. My lens was practically touching its wings, and drove it off the flower more than once. But it simply hovered for a while and insisted on returning to the flower.

This fierce-looking dog, Michael, turned out to be very friendly. It dropped its ears, lowered its head and wagged its tail rigorously when it saw me from a distance. Then it tried to jump on me and bit my hand playfully when I patted it on its head.

But when I crouched down to take a photo at its level - big mistake! It panicked, ran back to its shelter and refused to come out. It was probably afraid that I was going to pick up a rock to throw at it. After some coaxing, fortunately, it poked its head out, then the neck, and finally the whole body. But it was more cautious than before.

This little kitten would sit on your lap and doze off if you were nice to it. It does great things for your ego when such a lovely creature displays so much affection and trust in you.

The kids at Jubilee do not have much in terms of material possessions. But simple pleasures such as these are God given and do not really cost much.

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田园树 said...

good pictures. Of course,Jubilee is poor but people there are really very friendly.