Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Xian Clinic

It was only after I walked past this door on a side street in 韩森寨 in the east of Xian when I realized that it was a clinic. Would you come here to be treated if you get sick in Xian?

The clinic reminded me of a bit of history behind 韩森寨. It has been said to the burial place of the father (庄襄王) of the First Emperor of China (秦始皇). Alternatively, it has also said to be the burial place of 刘进, the son of 汉武帝刘彻. 汉武帝 killed his son (刘进) when he suspected 刘进 of trying to put a curse on him by 巫蛊. This was the infamous 巫蛊之祸”. Believe it or not.

By the way, I was looking for the mound rumoured to be the grave of 庄襄王. On my way, I found a street market ... and lots of interesting people ... and interesting-looking food.

I did not eat anything there - honest!

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