Friday, September 19, 2008

Trees that grow on walls

When that tree in Stanley fell and killed a young lady, some people in the Hong Kong Government seemed to panic and started chopping down many trees that may or may not cause a problem. They have even chopped down some of the small trees that grow on a rocky wall outside the University of Hong Kong. That is a real pity, although we probably should not be surprised by now that the government would react in this way.

Trees that grow on rocky walls has become part of the scenery in Hong Kong. These trees on Forbes Street in Kennedy Town are some of my favourites. The way the government is operating, these sights may not remain for long. The government seems to operate this way: old trees that pose a danger have to go, any tree that obstructs has to be trimmed or chopped, and young trees are not worth preserving. Under this philosophy, it is a miracle that any tree has a chance to grow old enough to be deemed worth preserving.


Anonymous said...

Our Government is reactive, especially to tragedy, but not proactive to development and prevention. Moreover when the responsibility falls across departments, it becomes "no man's land or no department's responsibility". It's only when the matter, in the eyes of our CE, would have consequence in his popularity rating, then his Office / Govt would be more sensitive to the needs of the people.
We are so thin in our cultural and social awareness and capacity with everyone putting their weight and focus on economical and political prowess. Ann

StephenC said...

We Chinese are so proud of our thousands of years of history and culture. But in reality, we are more materialistic and short-sighted than most.

And those in power seemed to be worse than the usual.