Sunday, June 21, 2009

Orphans in Gansu

We are back at the Jubilee School for orphans in Gansu. We will be here for a week, improving the computer network, setup some donated machines, help the teachers to make use of IT and interactive methods to teach, teach a robotics programming workshop, install a RFID-based library system, play, eat with and encourage the kids, ...

Less than 2 hours after we arrived here, one of the students here, L, told us one of his brothers died last year while we were visiting. A bit of backgound: L is crippled. He was adopted by someone be called "grandpa", who also adopted numerous children. 2 of which are also at the Jubilee School. The one who died last year was 10 years old, deranged, and lived with grandpa.

It rarely rains in Gansu. Two days before we left Jubille to return home last August, however, it rained heavily. So the day stuck in everybody's minds. On that fateful day, L's deranged "brother" ran out of the house, felled into a river, and died.

Every kid here has a story like this one.

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