Thursday, June 25, 2009

What about H1N1?

We were under some pressure to cancel the trip to Gansu because of the swine flu. We studied the guidelines from WHO, the government, and the university. We consulted other departments, our students, and the Jubilee School. Our students were all eager to go, the Jubilee School had been expecting us for a long time, and several other trips similar to ours organized by other departments were going or had already gone. Eventually we decided that we should take all reasonable precautions, but go ahead with the trip.

We wore masks in the airport and on the plane, took the temperature of the students every morning, gave them vitamin C, and gave them alcohol gel for cleansing. We left Hong Kong on Sunday, 21st June and returned to Hong Kong on 1st July. Thank God nothing happened and no one caught the swine flu.

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